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The Super Summer Writing Challenge!
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Four Months. 150,000 Words.

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Created and maintained by inkedover, who can be contacted either on AIM as lisa6360 or emailed at lisa6360@gmail.com.

Everyone knows about NaNoWriMo. Most of us who participate in NaNo thrive on the challenge, the deadline, the terrifying race to the finish line. It's exhilerating. But it's always over so quickly, and eleven months is a long time to wait.

That's where the Super Summer Writing Challenge comes in. It's here to fill in the void. It's a fun, exciting challenge. Who can resist a fun challenge? ;)

It's both easier and harder than NaNo. Harder because there's more words to write, easier because there's more time. summerwrite asks for 150,000 words in roughly four months. 150,000 words is, pre-Major Edit, about novel-length (generally speaking -- genres vary, and nobody knows how much they'll end up cutting and adding in the re-writes). Want to write a whole book this summer? Yay! So do we.

Sign-ups close on April 30. The challenge begins on May 1 and ends August 31. To sign up, join and friend the comm, then respond to this post. We would like all members who are seriously going to participate to respond to that post, please. We want to get an idea of numbers. [/srs modly-ness]

Saturday April 12 will see the arrival of the Great Information Post of DOOM. It's under construction at the moment, but by the time you go to bed on Saturday, you will know everything there is to know about this challenge -- that is to say, what's to come, the rules, the schedules, the plans, etc. Everything. So until then, join, respond to this, and get ready for a creative and fun summer! EDIT: Part one of the info post.